animated movie Rio © Blue Sky
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Adopted as a chick after he survived being smuggled to the States, Blu, a blue macaw, has lived his life in Minnesota with Linda, his owner. One faithful day, a Dr. Tulio Montero arives to explain that Blu is likely the last male of his species and asks Linda to come to Rio de Janeiro to his aviary, where the only known female is currently held. Reluctantly, Linda and Blu arrive in Rio, where Blu finds Jewel, who is determined to escape back to the wild. Captured by poachers, the two wind up chained together, forcing the two to overcome their differences - including Blu's inability to fly - and work together.

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I think I find it harder to quantify what I like about a movie when I donít have any emotional investment in it. Rio is one of those movies....
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Isn't it interesting how different persons see the same movie in a whole different light? You just need to compare the ratings of Toonboy and Starlac with my own. But...
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When you think of Twentieth Century Foxís feature animation output, it is only natural to think of the Ice Age series, after all, that sometimes feels like all that the...
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When I heard this movie was done by Blue Sky, I was a tiny bit wary, as the Ice Age movies left a little to be desired, but the trailers...
Created by: Blue Sky
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Featuring the voices of:
Anne Hathaway ... Jewel
Jesse Eisenberg ... Blu
George Lopez ... Rafael
Rodrigo Santoro ... Dr. Tulio Montero
Jake T. Austin ... Fernando
Carlos Ponce ... Marcel
Bernardo de Paula ... Silvio, Kipo
Leslie Mann ... Linda Gunderson
Sofia Scarpa Saldanha ... Young Linda
Will i Am ... Pedro
Jamie Foxx ... Nico
Gracinha Leporace ... Dr. Barbosa
Jeffrey Garcia ... Tipa, Bat
Davi Vieira ... Armando
Jemaine Clement ... Nigel
Tracy Morgan ... Luiz
Directed by: Carlos Saldanha
Musical Score by: John Powell
Writing Credits: Jeffrey Ventimilia, Joshua Sternin, Don Rhymer and Sam Harper
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