animated series Regular Show © Cartoon Network
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Regular Show

Rigby and Mordecai are two 23-year-old best friend slackers who would rather laze around or get up to pranks than do their jobs, working as groundskeepers for manager Benson - a living gumball machine.

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Revision: September 2014. My original review (which I've left intact, below the ----) describes the show as 'running on empty' and being similar to 'Catdog'. In the past six months...
Created by: Cartoon Network
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Featuring the voices of:
J.G. Quintel ... Mordecai, High Five Ghost
William Salyers ... Rigby
Sam Marin ... Benson, Pops, Muscleman
Mark Hamill ... Skips
Jeff Bennett ... High Five Ghost (2010)
Janie Haddad Tompkins ... Margaret
Minty Lewis ... Eileen
David Ogden Stiers ... Mr. Maellard
Robin Atkin Downes ... Gary
Series Created by: J.G. Quintel
Directed by: John Infantino
Produced by: Janet Dimon
Musical Score by: Mark Mothersbaugh and Albert Fox
Writing Credits: Jack Thomas, Mike Roth, J.G. Quintel, Minty Lewis, John Infantino, Sean Szeles, Kat Morris, Benton Connor, Matt Price, Calvin Wong, Shion Takeuchi, Andres Salaff, Paul Scarlata, Bill Oakley, Toby Jones (iii), Ben Adams and Hilary Florido
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