animated movie Recess: School's Out © Disney / Plus One Animation
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Recess: School's Out

It's summer vacation at 3rd Street Elementry--the ultimate recess. T.J. is thrilled at the idea of getting to spend the summer hanging out with his friends until he finds out they've all made plans to go to summer camp. It looks like he's got a long, lonely summer ahead of him until he sees a strange green light coming from the school... and strange men in black suits? ...and ninjas?! It's time for T.J. to call in the gang before a dastardly plot succeeds in scrapping their beloved recess--permanently.

see also: Recess (TV Series)
Created by: Disney, Plus One Animation
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Featuring the voices of:
Andrew Lawrence ... Theodore 'TJ' Detweiller
Rickey D'Shon Collins ... Vince Lasalle
Jason Davis ... Mikey Blumberg
Ashley Johnson ... Gretchen Grundler
Pamela Segall ... Ashley Spinelli
Courtland Mead ... Gustavus 'Gus' Griswald
Ryan O'Donohue ... Randall Weems, Digger Dave
Erik von Detten ... Earwin Lawson, Captain Brad
Dabney Coleman ... Principal Peter Prickly
April Winchell ... Ms. Muriel Finster, Mrs. Detweiller
Allyce Beasley ... Miss Alordayne Groke
Melissa Joan Hart ... Rebecca 'Becky' Detweiller
James Woods ... Benedict
Peter MacNicol ... Fenwick
Robert Goulet ... Mikey's singing voice
Directed by: Chuck Sheetz
Musical Score by: Denis M. Hannigan
Writing Credits: Paul Germain, Joe Ansolabehere and Jonathan Greenberg
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