animated movie Raggedy Ann & Andy: A Musical Adventure © Fox / Bobbs-Merill / ITT
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Raggedy Ann & Andy: A Musical Adventure

After Raggedy Ann lets Captain Contagious escape from his snow-filled bottle 'prison,' he kidnaps Marcella's new French doll Babette and takes her away to be his bride. To make amends, Raggedy Ann and her brother Andy how brave the dangers of the outside world to bring Babette back to the toy room before the new day dawns; but the outside world is a strange place, with even stranger denizens.

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So I'm currently on a Raggedy Ann kick, but that probably has to do with my love of redheads. Watching this movie on Youtube, I was fully expecting a movie...
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Now here's a film straight out of my childhood. My family used to taped it, but it kind of got tapped over and losted over the years. Now...
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Raggedy Ann and her brother Andy have more of a history in animation than one may give them credit for. First appearing in a Fleischer two-reel short by the name...
Created by: Fox, Bobbs-Merill, ITT
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Featuring the voices of:
Didi Conn ... Raggedy Ann
Mark Baker (II) ... Raggedy Andy
Mason Adams ... Grandpa
Marty Brill ... King Koo-Koo
Paul Dooley ... Gazooks
Niki Flacks ... Babette
Hetty Galen ... Susie Pincushion
Margery Gray ... Twin Penny
Sheldon Harnick ... Barney Beanbag, Socko the Sockworm
George S. Irving ... Captain Contagious
Ardyth Kaiser ... Topsy
Joe Silver (II) ... The Greedy
Arnold Stang ... Queasy
Lynne Stuart ... Twin Penny
Fred Stuthman ... The Camel
Alan Sues ... The Knight
Allen Swift ... Maxi-Fixit
Featuring live-action actors:
Virginia Claire Williams ... Marcella
Directed by: Richard Williams
Produced by: Richard Horner and Stanley Sills
Musical Score by: Joe Raposo
Songs by: Joe Raposo
Writing Credits: Joe Raposo, Patricia Thackray and Max Wilk
Based on: Characters created by Johnny Gruelle.
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