animated series Potatoes and Dragons © Cookie Jar Entertainment / Alphanim
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Potatoes and Dragons

King Hugo III, ruler of the Kingdom of Potatoes, is determined to rid his land of a dragon that has taken up residence. The dragon hasn't really done anything, but that doesn't stop the King from declaring he will give the hand of his daughter to whatever brave knight (or not-so-brave knight) who can defeat the dragon.

However Princess Melodine is secretly in love with Riri the court jester who is also secretly in love with her. Together with their friend Juju, they do everything they can to help the dragon foil Hugo's plans.

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I have always had a huge soft spot for this series. I only ever seemed to be able to catch it on TV by accident, but whenever I did I...
Created by: Cookie Jar Entertainment, Alphanim
Language: English / French
Country of Origin: Canada / France
Alternate Title: Patates et dragons (France)
Featuring the voices of:
Danny Wells ... King Hugo III
Mark Camacho ... Harry / Dragon
Carrie Finlay ... Melodine
Mark Hausser ... Riri
Annie Boivard ... Juju
John Vamvas ... Merlin
profile by: athena