animated series Pocket Dragon Adventures © DIC Entertainment / Wolfmill Entertainment
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Pocket Dragon Adventures

Filbert, Scribbles, Zoom-Zoom, Cuddles, Specs and little Blinky are the pocket dragons, tiny and mischievous, the only thing they like better than adventure are cookies and while they may be small in statute, they often find themselves in big trouble. They live with the old, wise, but absentminded wizard just outside the village in a world of magic and danger, facing each day as an adventure for fun, or at the least for a chance to get at the cookie jar.

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I remember finding this show amusing. My VHS tape with some of the episodes on it has been long gone for quite some time, but I have enough bits and...
Created by: DIC Entertainment, Wolfmill Entertainment
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA / Australia
Featuring the voices of:
Ian James Corlett ... Filbert
Samuel Vincent ... Specs
Jason Gray-Stanford ... Zoom-Zoom
Kathleen Barr ... Scribbles
Terry Klassen ... Cuddles
Tabitha St. Germain ... Binky
Garry Chalk ... Sir Nigel
Brian Drummond ... Gnorman the Gnome
Produced by: Craig Miller and Marv Wolfman
Based on: the collectable figurines from Real Musgrave.

Figurine of a pocket dragon enjoying milk and a cookie.The pocket dragon figurines have their origin in the mid-Seventies, when their creator Real Musgrave, drew images of dragons in a pocket-sized sketchbook while hitchhiking across Europe. The first sculpture was made in 1989; the original sculptures were sent to, and copies of the figures produced in the English City of Stroke-on-Trent.

The episode count can either be 52, 22 minute episodes (as it was shown in the USA), or can be 104, 15 minute episodes (which is how the BBC broadcasted the series in the UK - at one episode a day).

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