animated movie Pocahontas © Disney
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The legend of Pocahontas is brought to the screen in this tale of two worlds that collided on the shores of America. Pocahontas is a young, Native American woman whose life is changed forever by the arrival of the English who have come to colonize the land. The English are lead by Ratcliff, a man obsessed with finding gold in the 'New World', and Captain John Smith who seeks only new sights and new adventure. Once they have landed, the colonists build the village of Jamestown--much to the dismay of the Native Americans already living in the area. A conflict between the two worlds seems inevitable unless a bridge of understanding can be built by Pocahontas and John Smith before it is too late for them all.

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Pocahontas Is The Best. It's About Pocahontas Who Stopped The Fight Between The Indians And The British People With The Power Of Love. Mel Gibson Is One Amazing Actor. The...
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American History and Animation don't always seem to go together very well, . . . but somehow, Walt Disney Pictures chose to tackle one of the most legendary stories ever...
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Here is another underrated and also unappreciated classic from Disney, which became another favorite of mine. The film was based on the known facts of the historical story...
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After not seeing this movie for three or four years, I saw it again tonight. I must say that I have a different impression of it now then I did...
Created by: Disney
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Featuring the voices of:
Irene Bedard ... Pocahontas
Mel Gibson ... John Smith
Linda Hunt ... Grandmother Willow
James Apaumut Falls ... Kocoum
Russel Means ... Powhatan
Michelle St. John ... Nakoma
David Ogden Stiers ... Governor Ratcliffe
Christian Bale ... Thomas
Frank Welker ... Flit
John Kassir ... Meeko
Danny Mann ... Percy
Directed by: Eric Goldberg and Mike Gabriel
Produced by: James Pentecost
Writing Credits: Joe Grant, Philip LaZebnik, Carl Binder and Susannah Grant

animated movie Pocahontas © DisneyA few months before its release the scene/song 'If I Never Knew You' was cut from the film. Disney's reasoning was that it "slowed the movie down" but the sacrifice made for the fidgeting little kids may have deprived the film of one if its more touching moments.

A decade after the film's initial release, this song was added back in. At present it can only be found on the 10th Anniversary 2-Disc Edition of the DVD. Note that it isn't available on the most recent DVD and Blu-ray release.

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