animated series Pitt and Kantrop © BBC / Millimages / ARDA/VDR / France TÚlÚvisions / RAI / RTBF / SSR / TVE / VRT
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Pitt and Kantrop

50,000 years ago - the dawn of humanity.
12 year-old Pitt, a weakling by the standards of his tribe (especially its bombastic chief) has little chance of survival. Naive perhaps, and hoping to advance his tribe (the Pitticus) he is also intelligent, creative, innovative, and positive. The rest of his tribe don't share these traits, and don't particularly want to be acquire them, though.

Fortunately for Pitt, he teams up with Kantrop - the last living pterodactyl, and also effectively the world's first pet or companion animal. Strong and powerful, Kantrop is a crucial ally for Pitt.

A comedy series filled with pleasingly absurd characters such as the fraudulent tribal Shaman, the Chief's domineering wife and his bone-headed henchmen, 'Pitt' is also one of the first animated products generally credited to the European Broadcasting Union.

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It grows on you. The first time I saw this neanderthal comedy I thought it was pretty weak, but later episodes revealed a sense of humour which wasn't obvious at...
Created by: BBC, Millimages, ARDA/VDR, France TÚlÚvisions, RAI, RTBF, SSR, TVE, VRT
Language: English / French
Country of Origin: UK / France / Germany / Belgium / Spain / Switzerland
Featuring the voices of:
Keith Wickham ... Big Chief Sariac, Stef (Pitt's father)
Series Created by: Marie-Caroline Villand and Fethi Nedjari
Directed by: Claude Allix
Produced by: Marc Dhrami
Executive Producers: Theresa Plummer-Andrews, Babette Vimenette, Wolfgang Wegmann, Rech Lener, Jonathan Peel and Serge Ewenczik
Musical Score by: Eric Allouche and Frank Lebon
Theme Music by: Jonathan Peel and Bob Saker
Writing Credits: Nick Ostler and Mark Huckerby

English voice cast:

Emma Tate
Maria Darling
Mark Silk
Keith Wickham

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