animated movie Pinocchio and the Emperor of the Night © Filmation
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Pinocchio and the Emperor of the Night

It is the first anniversary of Pinocchio becoming a real boy and Geppetto has organized a birthday for him. The party will start as soon as the majorís new jewelry box has been delivered and so Pinocchio offers to take the box, but is warned to avoid the newly arrived carnival. On the way Pinocchio is tricked into selling the box to con-artists Mr. Scallywag and Igor for a worthless fake ruby, getting himself into trouble with his father. To spare Geppetto from any future trouble, Pinocchio decides to run away and join the carnival; once there, he is turned back into a puppet by Puppetino the carnivalís puppet master. Saved by the Good Fairy, Pinocchio sets about finding the con-artists, who tell him that his jewelry box is in the hands of Puppetino and his master. And so Pinocchio braves the dangers to return the jewelry box he lost.

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rated it:
Gee willikers, for once I think Filmation did something right. I was lucky enough to find a VHS copy of this film, so I bought it and watched it today -...
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rated it:
Loved it, very cool and very dark animated fantasy from Filmation and a vast improvement over their previous animations. I remembered seeing this movie back in 1987 on Christmas night...
Created by: Filmation
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Featuring the voices of:
Scott Grimes ... Pinocchio
Don Knotts ... Gee Willikers
Jonathan Harris ... Lt. Grumblebee
Edward Asner ... Mr. Scalawag
Frank Welker ... Igor
William Windom ... Puppetino
James Earl Jones ... Emperor of the Night
Rickie Lee Jones ... Good Fairy/Fairy Godmother
Tom Bosley ... Geppetto
Lana Beeson ... Twinkle
Directed by: Hal Sutherland
Produced by: Lou Scheimer
Musical Score by: Barry Mann, Anthony Marinelli and Steve Tyrell
Based on: a story by Dennis O. Flaherty and the characters created by Carlo Collodi.

Walt Disney Ė creator of perhaps the most famous version of Pinocchio - tried to sue Filmation over the rights of the character. Filmationís defense was a simple and straightforward one, their argued that the puppet character was in the public domain, having been created in the 19th Century in the book serial written by Carlo Collodi. Filmation won the case.

Nevertheless, the film did poorly at the box office, making just $3.2 million dollars on a budget predicted to have been $8 million.

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