animated series Pinky and the Brain © Amblin / Warner Bros.
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Pinky and the Brain

The premise is pretty simple. Each episode, two genetically engineered laboratory mice come up with a plan to take over the world. The Brain is the megalomaniac genius. Pinky is his idiotic assistant.

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With it's beginnings early in the Warner Renassaince (Animaniacs), and actually outlasting Roadrovers, 'Pinky and the Brain' is not only the most long-lived, but surely one of the greatest things...
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One of the most exceedingly witty cartoons of all time. Maybe it was slightly repetitive in that every episode had Brain concoct some flawed plan to take over the world,...
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This was a wonderful show. Of all the brilliant animated shorts to come out of Animaniacs, Pinky and the Brain was arguably the best, resulting in this spin-off series. Considering...
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Pinky and the Brain were good when they were on Animaniacs. Better than Buttons and Mindy or Minerva Mink for sure. But when they got their own show it was...
Created by: Amblin, Warner Bros.
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Featuring the voices of:
Maurice LaMarche ... The Brain
Rob Paulsen ... Pinky
Featuring guest appearances by:
Mark Hamill ... Jimmy Joe, Jr.
Tress MacNeille ... Bernie, Sarah
Roddy McDowall ... Snowball
Jim Meskimen ... Bob Dole, Del Monte
Paul Rugg ... Sultana 'Barry' Sultana, Dr. Belvadere
Frank Welker ... Mr President, Commander
Directed by: Audu Paden, Russell Calabrese, Barry Caldwell, Liz Holzman, Jon McClenahan, Rusty Mills, Mike Milo, Nelson Recinos, Kirk Tingblad, Charles Visser and Al Zegler
Executive Producers: Steven Spielberg
Musical Score by: Carl Johnson, Julie Bertstein, Steven Bernstein and Tim Kelly
Theme Music by: Richard Stone

Began on 'Animaniacs' in September 1993 and spun-off as a solo series in September 1995, running for three seasons.

Along with 'Ed Wood', perhaps where Maurice LaMarche cemented his reputation as the world's premier Orson Welles impersonator.

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