animated series Piggsburg Pigs © Ruby-Spears Productions
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Piggsburg Pigs

Piggsburg is the home to the Bacon brothers: Bo, Portley and Pighead, as well as their friends Dotty, Lorelei and Rembrandt Proud-Pork. They have to contend with the wolf brothers Huff and Puff, whose attempts to capture a piggy for supper invariably backfire. However bigger problems for the gang come by way of the mysterious Forbidden Zone, a place where Dr. Grim concocted strange, twisted experiments before he disappeared. When these experiments intrude into Piggsburg, the gang often finds itself having to brave the dangers of the Forbidden Zone, to solve the weird goings on. Luckily they have their pet duck Quackers, who doubles as any number of tools.

Created by: Ruby-Spears Productions
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Featuring the voices of:
Jonathon Potts ... Pighead
Tara Strong ... Dotty, Prissy
Directed by: Bill Hutton and Tony Love
Produced by: Larry Huber
Executive Producers: Joe Ruby and Ken Spears
Musical Score by: John Debney
profile by: starlac