animated cartoon Piano Tooners © Van Beuren Corporation
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Piano Tooners

Tom and Jerry are working as piano tuners, dealing with sour notes and chopstick playing rodents. They go to a concert where a piano is out of tune, and so they take to the stage to fix the problem.

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Yes, before there were THE Tom and Jerry, there were the OTHER Tom and Jerry, from Van Beuren Studios (interestingly, Joe Barbera worked at Van Beuren at the time, but...
Created by: Van Beuren Corporation
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Directed by: John Foster and George Rufle

animated cartoon Piano Tooners © Van Beuren CorporationThe resemblance of the mice in this and other Van Beuren shorts to Disney’s Mickey Mouse lead to the Van Beuren Corporation being taken to court by Disney and having an injunction to not to use the mice again placed upon them.

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