animated series Pepper Ann © Disney
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Pepper Ann

The quirky misadventures of the red-headed seventh-grader, Pepper Ann, and her two good friends Nicky and Milo. Pepper Ann has a tendency to put off the other kids with her slightly nerdish behaviour, constant bad timing and her attempts at trying to be cool, but such is the life of an awkward teenager..

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rated it:
I tottally loved it! It was so funny me and my sis used to watch it after school and we still laugh when we bring up the episodes they need...
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rated it:
surprisingly enjoyable, but sometimes daunting and repetitive. Even so, their were a few episodes that really stood out in terms of great humor and entertainment. this is the kind of...
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rated it:
I admit it...I was a Pepper Ann fanatic in middle school. I watched this show religiously. Most of the episodes were pretty darn funny, with a satisfying amount of adult...
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rated it:
I was a fan of Pepper Ann the majority of my later middle school years. I found it to be just a funny little cartton. Much better than most cartoons...
Created by: Disney
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Featuring the voices of:
Kathleen Wilhoite ... Pepper Ann Pearson
Clea Lewis ... Nicky Little
Danny Cooksey ... Milo Kamalani
Jenna von O ... Trinket St. Blaire
Kath Soucie ... Cissy Rooney, Nicky's Mom
Cree Summer ... Tessa James, Vanessa James
Jeff Bennett ... Craig Bean, Dieter Leiderhosen
Luke Perry ... Stewart Walldinger
Kimmy Robertson ... Gwen Mezzrow
Karen Duffy ... Sketch
Meridith Scot Lynn ... Poison
Brittany Murphy ... Tank
April Winchell ... Lydia Pearson, Grandma Pearson, Ms. Stark
Maurice LaMarche ... Chuck Pearson
Pamela Segall ... Margaret Rose 'Moose' Pearson
Adam Wylie ... Crash
Tino Insana ... Uncle JoJo Diggety
Susan Tolsky ... Aunt Janie Diggety
Kathy Najimy ... Coach Doogan
Jim Cummings ... Mr. Carter
James Avery ... Mr. Clapper
Don Lake ... Mr. Finky
Don Adams ... Principal Hickey
profile by: athena