short film One Man Band © Pixar
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One Man Band

A little peasant girl has one coin to make a wish in the piazza fountain. On the way to make her wish though she encounters two street musicians who would rather that the coin be added to their tip jar. As their rivalry crescendos, the two overly eager performers vie to win the little girl's attention. -- AWN showcase

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rated it:
This is a relay great short film. I like it because it is a funny musical. I love the one man bands playing the instruments. I love playing the...
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rated it:
This ones pretty cute. I really enjoyed it. There's no dialogue in this short, which works great. The animators did an excellent job conveying emotion though expression...
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rated it:
It's a good short, so much that I would give it another full star if it weren't for the CGI. The story is as follows: POSSIBLE SPOILERS: Two rival one-men...
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rated it:
Excellent. One of Pixar's best short films. Beautifully made. The animation is stunning even for Pixar. The little girls facial expressions were priceless lol. It's all done without dialogue also. A...
Created by: Pixar
Language: no dialogue
Country of Origin: USA
Directed by: Mark Andrews and Andrew Jimenez

Nominated for the Academy Award for Best Animated Short film in 2006.

This short will be released as part of the DVD for Cars.

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