holiday animation Olive, the Other Reindeer © Fox / DNA Productions / Curiosity Company
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Olive, the Other Reindeer

Olive is a dog who frustrates her owner to no end by not acting like a dog. Thus, when she mis-hears a radio broadcast announcing that Christmas might be cancelled due to an injured reindeer and a call for "all of the other reindeer", (or "Olive the other reindeer"), to come to Santa's aid, the devoted dog sets off for the North Pole to lend her paw to help in the crisis. The only one happy about the cancellation of Christmas is a bitter postman tired of carrying all the extra Christmas mail. When he learns Olive wants to help get Christmas back on track, he does everything in his power to stop her...

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I watch it in a dvd and vhs too. in my house I enjoyed it very much. my ratings 5 stars...I like that movie. a holly and Christmas movie that...
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Ah, mondegreen... how we love you for inspiration. And if you don't know what that means, "mondegreen" is basically the misinterpretation of poems or song lyrics... so now that you...
Created by: Fox, DNA Productions, Curiosity Company
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Featuring the voices of:
Drew Barrymore ... Olive
Dan Castellaneta ... The Postman
Joe Pantoliano ... Martini
Edward Asner ... Santa
Peter MacNicol ... Fido
Tim Meadows ... Richard Stands
Jay Mohr ... Tim
Michael Stipe ... Schnitzel
Diedrich Bader ... Zoo Director
David Herman ... Guard Shack Elf
Tress MacNeille ... Mrs. Claus, Mrs. Eskimo
Mitch Rouse ... Round John Virgin, Comet
Billy West ... Mr. Eskimo
Matt Groening ... Arturo
Directed by: Steve Moore
Produced by: Keith Alcorn, Michael Stipe and Alex Johns
Executive Producers: Drew Barrymore, Matt Groening, Claudia De La Roca and Nancy Juvonen
Musical Score by: Christopher Tyng
Writing Credits: Steve Young
Based on: the book by J. Otto Seibold and Vivian Walsh
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