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Neurotically Yours

Rants and random observances from one utterly crazy and hyperactive squirrel named Foamy.

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After having watched several episodes of this I found myself asking why is this deserving of a cult following its utter tripe. Yes Foamy's rants can be funny but any show...
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Everyone has a little (if not a lot) of Foamy in them. Foamy, the star of Neurotically Yours is an angry, almost sadistic squirrel bent on world domination. Foamy lives...
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Neurotically yours is generally that series who manages to be both weird and acid, but still be funny in it's own way. Probably for it's general sick and "in the...
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rated it:
Pretty good animation, clever characters, witty writing, and genuinely funny antics combine in this animated rant-fest. Many of the arguments Foamy makes are rather opinionated and I can imagine a...
Created by: Ill Will Press
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Alternate Title: Foamy the Squirrel
Series Created by: Jonathan Ian Mathers
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