animated movie My Little Pony: the Movie © Marvel / Sunbow Productions
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My Little Pony: the Movie

The witches of Doom Mountain are tired of the cute, sweet, My Little Ponies that are making their once dreary land bright and happy. Determined to get rid of them, head-witch Hydia and her two daughters concoct the Smose to cover the valley in gloom. The ponies enlist in the help of their human friend, Megan, and the Rainbow of Light to defend themselves. When this doesn't work, they go in search of the Moochick in hopes that he knows a way to fight the horrible purple stuff. In the midst of this chaos, Baby Lickety Split has run away, taking Spike the dragon with her. The pair have a run-in with the Grundles, who agree to help them find their way home.

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If thereís one thing that can be said about the My Little Pony franchise, itís that itís cute. Itís no wonder it keeps coming back. Thereís just something...
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As I've mentioned before, I am an old-school My Little Pony fan, as well as a fan of the newer generation of ponies. Yes, the old adventures are rather bland...
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This is either the most inappropriately gross Broadway musical of all time, or the most musically driven ecological disaster movie of all time. Either way it's funny as all get...
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If you dont get toothache watching this sugary sweet movie something is wrong with you. Though to be fair this is a good movie for little girls if they like...
Created by: Marvel, Sunbow Productions
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Featuring the voices of:
Alice Playten ... Baby Lickety Split
Charles Adler ... Spike
Tammy Amerson ... Megan
Keri Houlihan ... Molly
Scott Menville ... Danny
Cloris Leachman ... Hydia
Madeline Kahn ... Draggle
Rhea Perlman ... Reeka
Danny DeVito ... Grundle King
Tony Randall ... The Moochick
Russi Taylor ... Morning Glory, Rosedust
Sarah Partridge ... Wind Whistler
Cathy Cavadini ... North Star
Jill Wayne ... Shady
Laura Dean ... Sundance
Ellen Gerstell ... Magic Star
Nancy Cartwright ... Gusty
Katie Leigh ... Fizzy, Baby Sundance
Peter Cullen ... Ahgg
Directed by: Michael Joens
Produced by: Joe Bacal and Tom Griffen
Musical Score by: Robert J. Walsh
Songs by: Tommy Goodman and Barry Harman
Writing Credits: George Arthur Bloom
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