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Monsters, Inc.

In the bustling city of Monsteropolis, James P. Sullivan, (or Sulley to his friends), is at the top of his game. He works with his best friend, Mike Wazowski, at Monsters, Inc.--a company that generates clean, efficient energy from the screams of children. It's dangerous work though, for as all monsters know human children are toxic and can kill a monster with a single touch. Sulley's on his way to the top as the company's best Scarer until he accidentally lets a tiny little girl into the monster world...

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rated it:
This is my sister's favorite Pixar movie(I'm more of a Finding Nemo person). Apparently it's quite a lot of people's favorite Pixar movie considering how well it did in theaters....
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rated it:
An enjoyable movie, but I don't think it's one of Pixar's best. It had a good storyline and all, but at times it seemed to get a little boring...
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rated it:
This was the film which proved to me that Pixar weren't perfect. 'Toy Story' was amazing, 'Bug's Life' wasn't quite as exalted, but still hard to fault, and 'Toy...
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rated it:
"Pixar has done it again!" I think at this rate that's going to become every reviewer's favourite catch phrase. The animation is in "Monsters, Inc." is fantastic, although it doesn't feel...
Created by: Pixar
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Featuring the voices of:
John Goodman ... James P. 'Sulley' Sullivan
Billy Crystal ... Mike Wazowski
Mary Gibbs ... Boo
James Coburn ... Henry J. Waternoose
Steve Buscemi ... Randall Boggs
Jennifer Tilly ... Celia
Bob Peterson ... Roz
Frank Oz ... Fungus
Jeff Pidgeon ... Bile
Dan Gerson ... Needleman & Smitty
Steve Susskind ... Floor Manager
Sam Black ... George Sanderson
Bonnie Hunt ... Flint
John Ratzenberger ... Yeti
Directed by: Peter Docter
Produced by: Darla K. Anderson
Executive Producers: John Lasseter and Andrew Stanton
Musical Score by: Randy Newman
Songs by: Randy Newman
Writing Credits: Andrew Stanton and Dan Gerson
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[includes the shorts 'For the Birds' and 'Mike's New Car']
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