short film Mickey's Christmas Carol © Disney
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Mickey's Christmas Carol

A retelling of the classic Dicken's tale with Mickey and the gang. Greedy old Ebenezer Scrooge gets a lesson in caring and goodwill when he is visited by three Christmas spirits.

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Wo oh. Why I gave two stars to the Chistmas Carol version that people seems to enjoy it a lot? Don't get me wrong, I like it at some point....
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This is a classic Christmas tale. After reading the play version I wanted to watch the movie. Bad. Very bad idea. Thinking of the live-action version, I think...
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Not only it's a very faithful adaptation to the original book, but also has the advantage of having the "Disney staple" everywhere, from the music to all the cast and...
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Thirty years after Mickey's appearance in The Simple Things in 1953, Disney decided to put their main star in another theatrical film. Mickey's Christmas Carol hit the theatres on December...
Created by: Disney
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Featuring the voices of:
Alan Young ... Scrooge McDuck / Ebenezer Scrooge
Wayne Allwine ... Mickey Mouse / Bob Cratchit
Hal Smith ... Goofy / Jacob Marley's Ghost
Will Ryan ... Willie the Giant / Black Pete
Eddy Carroll ... Jiminy Cricket / Ghost of Christmas Past
Patricia Parris ... Daisy Duck / Belle
Clarence Nash ... Donald Duck / Nephew Fred
Directed by: Burny Mattinson
Produced by: Burny Mattinson
Musical Score by: Irwin Kostal
Writing Credits: Alan Young, Burny Mattinson, Tony L. Marino, Ed Gombert, Don Griffith and Alan Dinehart
Based on: the novel by Charles Dickens

Released theatrically with a re-issue of The Rescuers.

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