animated series Mao-chan © TV Tokyo / Xebec
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Cute aliens are attacking! How can Japan's defenders defend, without looking like big bullies? Easy--the Chief of Staff of the Ground Defense Force hires his 8-year-old granddaughter, Mao-chan, to fight the aliens. Soon the Chiefs of Staff of the Air and Sea defense forces hire THEIR granddaughters as well, and it's total war between the three doting grandfathers over who has the cutest Alien defense agent.

Meanwhile, Mao, Misora and Sylvia cutely defend Japan from aliens...

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It's difficult to give Mao-chan a rating. Each episode is only about 12 minutes long, and a chunk of each episode is taken up by stock footage of the girls' sparkly...
Created by: TV Tokyo, Xebec
Language: English dub / Japanese
Country of Origin: USA / Japan
Alternate Titles: Ground Defense Force Mao-Chan, Earth Defense Force Mao-Chan, Rikujo Boeitai Mao-Chan
[ Japanese ] Featuring the voices of:
Kimiko Koyama ... Mao Onigawara
Yui Horie ... Silvia Maruyama
Yuuya Yoshikawa ... Misora Tsukishima
Akio Nojima ... Rikushirou Onigawara
Takashi Taniguchi ... Adalbert von Maruyama
Kiyonobu Suzuki ... Sorajirou Tsukishima
Miki Nagasawa ... Kagome Mishima
Ai Iura ... Chinami Noki
Yukiko Mannaka ... Yuriko Oozora
[ English dub ] Featuring the voices of:
Sandy Fox ... Mao Onigawara
Julie Maddalena ... Silvia Maruyama
Kay Jensen ... Misora Tsukishima and Chinami Noki
Michael McConnohie ... Rikushirou Onigawara
Ron Allen ... Adalbert von Maruyama
Anthony Mozdy ... Sorajirou Tsukishima
Dorothy Elias-Fahn ... Kagome Mishima
Wendee Lee ... Yuriko Oozora
Directed by: Yoshiaki Iwasaki and Yoshio Suzuki
Executive Producers: Hideki (Henry) Goto
Musical Score by: Takayuki Hattori
Writing Credits: Yousuke Kuroda
Art Directors: Chitose Asakura

animated series Mao-chan © TV Tokyo / XebecCreated by the author of Love Hina, the series contains some Love Hina parodies and scenes.

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