animated movie Looney Tunes: Back in Action © Warner Bros.
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Looney Tunes: Back in Action

Daffy is fired from the Warner Bros. studios by the new VP of comedy Kate Houghton and finds himself bunking with the ex-security guard who was responsible for throwing him out, DJ Drake. It turns out that his father, Damian Drake, is really a super spy playing a actor playing a spy. In a video-call he tells his son and Daffy about the Blue Monkey Diamond, a gemstone that can turn humans into monkeys. The Chairman of the ACME company wants this jewel to take over the world and will stop at nothing to get it. Meanwhile the new VP has been given till Monday to get Daffy Duck back, or else, and so she and Bugs travel on the heels of Bobby and Daffy.

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Looney Tunes: Back In Action is considered the anti-Space Jam and it sure worked this time! The voice cast was flawless and they really stayed in the style of character...
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Why is Roger Corman in this film. Who is Roger Corman, you ask? Well, before I get onto saying something vaguely relevant, let me lay out this suss... Let's go back...
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Very funny. Quite godd animation. It brings most Loony Tunes characters together. Also, it makes up a completely new villain. His plan is to turn the entire world (except himself)...
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This is probably the best of the post-Roger Rabbit try-to-stick-toons-in-a-bad-film movies. As usual, the movie plot and characters aren't much to write home about, though you will not die...
Created by: Warner Bros.
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Featuring the voices of:
Joe Alaskey ... Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Sylvester, Mama Bear, Beaky Buzzard
Jeff Bennett ... Yosemite Sam, Foghorn Leghorn, Nasty Canasta
Billy West ... Elmer Fudd, Peter Lorre
Eric Goldberg ... Tweety, Marvin the Martian, Speedy Gonzales
Bruce Lanoil ... Pepe le Pew
June Foray ... Granny
Bob Bergen ... Porky Pig
Casey Kasem ... Shaggy
Frank Welker ... Scooby-Doo
Stan Freberg ... Junyor Bear
Will Ryan ... Papa Bear
Danny Mann ... Robo Dog, Spy Car
Mel Blanc ... Gremlin Car
Brendan Fraser ... Tasmanian Devil, She Devil
Featuring live-action actors:
Brendan Fraser ... DJ Drake, Himself
Jenna Elfman ... Kate
Steve Martin ... Mr. Chairman
Timothy Dalton ... Damien Drake
Directed by: Joe Dante
Produced by: Allison Abbate, Christopher DeFaria, Bernie Goldmann, Joel Simon and Paula Weinstein
Executive Producers: Larry Doyle
Musical Score by: Jerry Goldsmith
Writing Credits: Larry Doyle
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