animated cartoon Little Dutch Mill © Fleischer Studios
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Little Dutch Mill

When the dirty and mean miser of the Old Mill returns to his home he finds that two kids are taking a peek inside while he goes over his collection of gold; he takes them captive to burn their tongues out so they canít tell anyone about his wealth, leaving their pet duck to go for help.

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Like I said, I love animation from Fleischer Studios, along with Disney, Rankin/Bass, Hanna/Barbera, Studio Ghibli and Nelvana Ltd. I have heard some negativity about Fleischer Studio's "Color Classics" cartoons...
Created by: Fleischer Studios
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Directed by: David Fleischer
Produced by: Max Fleischer
Musical Score by: George Steiner
Animated by: David Tendlar and Willard Bowsky

This short is in the public domain and available on various PD DVD compilations.

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