animated movie Legend of Kung Fu Rabbit © Simka Entertainment / Beijing Film Academy / Grindstone Entertainment Group / Tianjin Film Studio
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Legend of Kung Fu Rabbit

Kung-Fu master Shifu is fatally wounded by Slash, a panda who desires to rule the land with an iron fist. Before he dies, he gives simple-minded rabbit Fu a small tablet, asking him to give it to his daughter Penny in the capital, proving her right to leadership, as well as transferring his prowess in Kung Fu to the bemused bunny. The bunny proceeds to the capital to fulfill his task, overwhelmed by the city and unaware that Penny is the cat he met along the road, or the importance of the tablet he carries.

Created by: Simka Entertainment, Beijing Film Academy, Grindstone Entertainment Group, Tianjin Film Studio
Language: English dub / Mandarin Chinese
Country of Origin: USA / China
Alternate Titles: Legend of a Rabbit (translation) (China), 兔侠传奇 (China), Kung Fu Rabbit
[ English dub ] Featuring the voices of:
Jon Heder ... Fu
Rebecca Black ... Penny
Michael Clarke Duncan ... Slash
Claire Geare ... Biggie
Tom Arnold ... Shifu
Directed by: Lijun Sun
Produced by: Lijun Sun, Mychal Simka and Elliot Tong
Executive Producers: Ryan S. Black, Barry Brooker and Stan Wertlieb
Musical Score by: Peter Kam
Writing Credits: Jingzhi Zou, Melanie Simka and Mychal Simka
profile by: starlac