animated cartoon Lambert the Sheepish Lion © Disney
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Lambert the Sheepish Lion

The stork arrives to deliver lambs to the sheep herd, but mistakenly delivers a lion cub to a lonely ewe, in a scene reminiscent of 'Dumbo'. Lambert however is bullied and teased by all the lambs as they grow up, because he lacks confidence and isn't a real sheep. This sad state of affairs continues even when he's grown up - until the flock and his mother are attacked by a wolf.

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Still fuming at Disney's treatment of The Fox and the Hound, but at least we get a DVD box cover that isn't ugly(looking at YOU Bambi). Anyway, that's neither here...
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i liked this one the animation is really nice lambert is really funny and the story is good. i wish they made more cartoons like this as cartoons today are...
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i really liked this one since i am a sucker for sentiment. lambert is a lion cub who is delivered to a sheep so is a bit like a sheep...
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1951. Warner and Disney were no longer trading blows as such, but had defined their audiences. Warner had always been edgier and more risk-taking, while Disney had tended to...
Created by: Disney
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Featuring the voices of:
Sterling Holloway ... Mr Stork, Narrator
Directed by: Jack Hannah
Produced by: Walt Disney
Musical Score by: Joseph Dubin
Writing Credits: Bill Peet, Milt Banta and Ralph Wright
Animated by: Don Lusk, Judge Whitaker, Eric Larson and John Lounsberry

animated cartoon Lambert the Sheepish Lion © DisneyNominated for an Oscar, but pipped by the Tom and Jerry short The Two Mouseketeers.

Sterling Holloway reprises his role as The Stork, which he played in Dumbo.

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