animated series Kimba the White Lion © NBC Enterprises / Mushi Productions
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Kimba the White Lion

Kimba's father Caeser was King of the Jungle, but he is killed by a professional hunter, and Kimba's mother shipped off to a zoo. Kimba is born on board and escapes when the ship is wrecked. He makes it back to Africa where he sets about realising his father's vision of creating a jungle haven for all animals, free from fear of each other and humanity. Kimba wants to bridge the divide between animal and human culture, a philosophy which brings him into conflict with some members of the animal community.

see also: Jungle Emperor Leo and Leo the Lion (TV Series)
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Also known as Jungle Emperor or Jungle Taitei, Kimba the White Lion is a classic anime series from the 1960's created by Osamu Tezuka and based on the 1950 manga...
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Well, other than the crappy animations and music, this movie has a good plot and has a lot to teach us. The Lion King is based on Kimba, so that's...
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I suppose everyone has at least one TV series from their youth, be it animated or not, which somehow they just never shook off, and is capable of inducing irrational...
Created by: NBC Enterprises, Mushi Productions
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA / Japan
Alternate Title: Janguru Tatei (Japan)
Featuring the voices of:
Billy Lou Watt ... Kimba
Gilbert Mack ... Pauley Cracker
Ray Owens ... Dan'l Baboon, Narrator
Francine 'Sonia' Owens ... Kitty, Mammoth, "Aunt" Belladonna
Hal Studer ... Roger Ranger
Series Created by: Osamu Tezuka
Directed by: Eiichi Yamamoto
Produced by: Osamu Tezuka
Musical Score by: Isao Tomita
Theme Music by: Bill Giant, Bernie Baum and Florence Kaye

animated series Kimba the White Lion © NBC Enterprises / Mushi ProductionsExtensive similarities have been noticed between 'Kimba' and Disney's 'The Lion King', and in a 1993 interview Roy Disney said "Wait until you see next summer's "The Lion King," and Kimba's mother. She's quite lovely." (for a full list of comparisons see 'The Lion King' page in the Kimba website linked below)

Created by Osamu Tezuka, 'Kimba' was the first colour anime series ever broadcast. Tezuka also created 'Astro Boy', the very first anime series.

Kimba was re-released in the 1990's on VHS, re-dubbed by a Canadian company. These tapes are called 'Kimba the Lion Prince' in the USA, but 'Kimba the White Lion' everywhere else. Although they have their merits, the original voice cast is gone, the great original theme song is gone, and frankly I would advise you to avoid them. Play it safe and follow the merchandise links here, which are to the newer re-releases of the original 1966 voice cast and soundtrack.

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