animated cartoon Kiddin' the Kitten © Warner Bros.
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Kiddin' the Kitten

When Dodsworth, a fat and lazy cat, is ordered to get rid of the mice that have infested his home. Not wishing to resort to actual work, the cat devises a plan, creating the phoney "Acme School of Mouse Catching". Soon enough, a kitten shows up to attend the school, under the impression that his mentor really is teaching him to be a mouser.

Created by: Warner Bros.
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Featuring the voices of:
Sheldon Leonard ... Dodsworth
Bea Benaderet ... Dodsworth's Owner
Mel Blanc ... Kitten, Mice, Dodsworth (meowing)
Directed by: Robert McKimson
Produced by: Edward Selzer
Musical Score by: Carl W. Stalling
Writing Credits: Tedd Pierce
profile by: starlac