animated series Justice League © Warner Bros.
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Justice League

Seven of the world's most powerful superheroes -- Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Hawkgirl, Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter and The Flash -- join forces to protect mankind from the forces of evil.

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A amazing series, the animatiors (threw out both series, JL/JLU) really show their stuff. They changed a few characters from the orignal comics, Hawkgirl instead of Black Canary(??) but I think...
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The first season of Justice League was the shakiest season in Bruce Timm's masterful universe spanning Batman, Superman, Batman Beyond and The Justice League. Superman was a wimp, and the...
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Brings classic superheros together into one series. Having only seen a few episodes I cannot comment TOO much, though when I saw a few superheros/supervillains, I could not recognise them!!!...
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Justice League Unlimited started as Justice League in 2001. It focused on Superman , Batman, Flash, Green Latern, Hawk Girl, The Martian Manhunter, and Wonder Woman. In 2004, the League...
Created by: Warner Bros.
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Featuring the voices of:
Kevin Conroy ... Bruce Wayne / Batman
Maria Canals ... Hawkgirl / Shayera Hol
Susan Eisenberg ... Wonder Woman / Princess Diana
Phil LaMarr ... Green Lantern / John Stewart
Carl Lumbly ... The Martian Manhunter / J'onn J'onzz
George Newbern ... Superman / Clark Kent
Michael Rosenbaum ... The Flash / Wally West
Featuring guest appearances by:
William Atherton ... Dr. Destiny / John Dee
Rene Auberjonois ... Kanjar Ro
Morena Baccarin ... Black Canary / Dinah Lance
Powers Booth ... Gorilla Grodd
Julie Bowen ... Aresia / Helena Kosmatos
Clancy Brown ... Lex Luthor
Ian Buchanan ... Ultra-Humanite
Corey Burton ... Brainiac, Steppenwolf
Jeffery Combs ... The Question
Olivia d'Abo ... Star Sapphire
Keith David ... Despero
Michael Dorn ... Kalibak
Larry Drake ... Colonel Vox
Robert Englund ... Felix Faust
Oded Fehr ... Dr. Fate / Kent Nelson
Nathan Fillion ... Vigilante / Greg Saunders
Robert Foxworth ... Professor Emil Hamilton
Peri Gilpin ... Volcana / Claire Selton
Richard Green ... Orm
Jennifer Hale ... Zatanna Zatara
Mark Hamill ... The Joker
Jason Hervey ... Dove / Donald Hall
Michael Ironside ... Darkseid
Juliet Landau ... Tala
Jason Marsden ... Snapper Carr
Karen Maruyama ... Tsukuri
Stephen McHattie ... The Shade
Phil Morris ... Vandal Savage
Ron Perlman ... Clayface / Matt Hagen
C.C.H. Pounder ... Amanda Waller
Sheryl Lee Ralph ... Cheetah / Barbara Ann Minerva
James Remar ... The Manhunters
John Rhys-Davies ... Hades
Eric Roberts ... Mongul
Mark Rolston ... Firefly / Garfield Lynns
Scott Rummel ... Aquaman / King Arthur of Atlantis
Fred Savage ... Hawk / Hank Hall
Armin Shimmerman ... Dr. Achilles Milo
Kin Shriner ... Green Arrow / Oliver Queen
J.K. Simmons ... General Wade Eiling
Tom Sizemore ... Metamorpho / Rex Mason
Lane Smith ... Simon Stagg
William Smith ... Draaga
Michael T. Weiss ... Etrigan / Jason Blood
Michael Jai White ... Doomsday
Josť Yenque ... Copperhead
Rachel York ... Circe
Rob Zombie ... Ichthultu
Directed by: Dan Riba, Butch Lukic, Dos Santos, Joaquam Dos Santos and Jim Steranko
Executive Producers: Sander Schwartz
Writing Credits: Kevin Hopps, Henry Gilroy, Bruce W. Timm, Paul Dini, Ernie Altbacker, Stan Berkowitz, Darwyn Cooke, Keith Damron, J.M. DeMatteis, Warren Ellis, Rich Fogel, Robert Goodman, Joseph Kuhr, Dwayne McDuffie, Len Uhley and Matt Wayne
Based on: the DC comic characters

animated series Justice League © Warner Bros."Justice League Unlimited started as Justice League in 2001. It focused on Superman , Batman, Flash, Green Latern, Hawk Girl, The Martian Manhunter, and Wonder Woman. In 2004, the League was dramatically expanded and became Justice League Unlimited." -- P.C. Unfunny

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