animated series Jackie Chan Adventures © Adelaide Productions / Columbia TriStar Television / Kids WB / The Jackie Chan Group / Blue Train Entertainment
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Jackie Chan Adventures

Jackie Chan is an amateur archeologist who uses his wits and martial arts to battle the evil forces of the Dark Hand and keep various mystical artifacts from falling into their clutches. He is aided by his eager young niece Jade and his grumpy uncle named Uncle.

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Created by: Adelaide Productions, Columbia TriStar Television, Kids WB, The Jackie Chan Group, Blue Train Entertainment
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Featuring the voices of:
James Sie ... Jackie
Stacie Chan ... Jade
Sab Shimono ... Uncle
Noah Nelson ... Tohru
Clancy Brown ... Ratso
Adam Baldwin ... Finn
Julian Sands ... Valmont (2000-2002)
John Di Maggio ... Hak Foo
James Hong ... Dalong Wong
Jeannie Elias ... Drew
Miguel Sandoval ... El Toro Fuerte
Michael Rosenbaum ... Drago
Susan Eisenberg ... Viper
Franco Velez ... Paco
Mike Erwin ... Strikemaster Ice
Andrew Ableson ... Valmont (2002-2003)
Featuring live-action actors:
Jackie Chan ... Himself
Directed by: David Hartman
Executive Producers: Solon So
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