animated movie Igor © Exodus Film Group
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Every year in the land of Malaria, scientists come together to complete in the annual Science Fair. And for ever mad scientist, there is always a hunchback, switch-pulling Igor whose entire existence is summed up in the words, "Yes, Master".

Except one Igor, who is looking to prove that he's just as much of an inventive genius as the rest of them.

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Having read the generally negative reviews below, and never having heard of this film, I came in with low expectations. In fact I recorded it from TV and waited 2...
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Like Inkwolf, I really wanted to like this movie. The whole idea of an evil science fair where evil geniuses complete for the highest honours, while a poor actual "genius"...
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I came to this movie really wanting to fall in love with it, but sadly it didn't quite make the cut. The visuals and character designs are heavily influenced...
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Igor takes place in the kingdom of Malaria, which is mired in a never ending thunderstorm. They used to be a nation of farmers, but have since taken to making...
Created by: Exodus Film Group
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Featuring the voices of:
Sean Hayes ... Brain
Steve Buscemi ... Scamper
John Cusack ... Igor
John Cleese ... Dr. Glickenstein
Jennifer Coolidge ... Jaclyn
Eddie Izzard ... Dr. Schadenfreude
Molly Shannon ... Eva
Arsenio Hall ... Carl Cristall
Jay Leno ... King Malbert
Directed by: Anthony Leondis
Produced by: Max Howard and John D. Eraklis
Executive Producers: Jean-Luc De Fanti
Writing Credits: Chris McKenna
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