flash animation I've Got Some Falling to Do © Too Much Spare Time
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I've Got Some Falling to Do

Music video detailing what goes through a flight attendant's mind after he slips on a banana skin and falls out of an aeroplane.

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rated it:
I've got Some Falling to Do is a very poorly animated flash video attached to a passable, annoyingly catchy, but otherwise unremarkable song. Ultimately we're at a point where even flash...
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rated it:
Well, I rather enjoyed this . . . mainly for the very catchy song. Although, the storyline is pretty basic: A guy, who happens to be the singer, works as a...
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rated it:
Great song, horrible animation. I love the song. Very clever and catchy. It has very good tune and lyrics, except for the unnecessary h--l thrown in there. That lost it half...
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rated it:
I agree with Lupercal though the music was good the animation was basic. I mean apart from falling from an airplane the flight attendent didnt do much. And why was...
Created by: Too Much Spare Time
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA / New Zealand
Directed by: Andrew Kepple
Songs by: Neil Cicierega
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Albino Blacksheep: I've Got Some Falling to Do -- View the short online, hosted by Albino Blacksheep.
profile by: Neil