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Lok's father has been missing for years, and the only thing Lok has to remember him is an ancient jar. When the jar is accidently broken, Lok discovers a journal and an amulet discussing the mysterious Titans. Lok joins the Huntik Foundation to find and bond with the Titans before the evil Organization uses them to take over the world.

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When I first spotted this show on tv, I made a note in my mind to come back to it sometime as I wanted to watch something else at the...
Created by: Rainbow S.r.l
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA / Italy
Featuring the voices of:
Yuri Lowenthal ... Lok Lambert
Marc Thompson ... Dante Vale
Rebecca Soler ... Sophie Casterwill
Karen Strassman ... Zhalia Moon
Veronica Taylor ... Scarlet Bryne
Kirk Thornton ... DeFoe
Richard Epcar ... Grier
Mike Pollock ... The Professor
Series Created by: Iginio Straffi
profile by: Toonboy