animated cartoon Hulk Vs. © Marvel
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Hulk Vs.

Two short films matching the Hulk against two of Marvel’s most iconic characters.

Hulk Vs. Wolverine

Wolverine is sent into the Canadian wilderness to search for – and if needed, kill – The Hulk, who on is on the rampage, before he winds up killing innocent lives. Tracking his prey, Wolverine finds a scrawny man who quickly warns him to stay away, but noticing that he matches the scent of The Hulk, Wolverine threatens him to force him to tell his identity. The stressed man begins transforming, revealing himself to be The Hulk, and the two engage each other in combat.

Hulk Vs. Thor

Every winter, Odin, king of Asgard, falls into a deep sleep for seven days, weakening the defences of the kingdom. This year Loki, the God of mischief, determined to destroy his step-brother Thor, brings Bruce Banner from Earth. He plans to separate Banner's mind from The Hulk, and then control the Hulk’s actions, using his brute strength to overpower and kill Thor. However the Hulk’s pure rage breaks the spell, leaving Asgard one chance for salvation, the minds of Banner and Hulk must be reunited.

Created by: Marvel
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Featuring the voices of:
Bryce Johnson ... Bruce Banner
Fred Tatasciore ... Hulk
Steven Jay Blum ... Wolverine / Logan
Matthew Wolf ... Thor
Mark Acheson ... Sabretooth
Janyse Jaud ... Lady Deathstrike, Hela
Colin Murdock ... Omega Red
Nolan North ... Deadpool
Tom Kane ... The Professor
Graham McTavish ... Loki
Grey DeLisle ... Sif
Kari Wahlgren ... Amora, Enchantress
French Tickner ... Odin
Michael Adamthwaite ... Balder
Jay Brazeau ... Volstagg
Paul Dobson ... Hogun
Jonathan Holmes ... Fandral
Nicole Oliver ... Betty Ross
Qayam Devji ... Bruce Junior
Directed by: Frank Paur and Sam Liu
Musical Score by: Guy Michelmore
Writing Credits: Christopher Yost and Craig Kyle
Based on: The Marvel Comics
profile by: starlac