animated movie Hop © Universal / Illumination Entertainment / Relativity Media
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Fred O’Hare is a typical twenty-something slacker living in California with his parents and sisters; and the family has had enough and tells him to get out of the house and find a job and an apartment of his own. Elsewhere, on Easter Island, E.B. doesn’t want to follow in the paws of his forefathers and become the next Easter Bunny, he’d rather be a drummer. E.B. decides to run of to the place that he believes his dream can occur, Hollywood. Meeting Fred head-on, bunny to car, E.B. decides to take advantage of the situation and sets himself up with Fred, making trouble in the process. Meanwhile, back on Easter Island, while E.B.’s father sends his crack troops The Pink Berets to locate E.B., while his second-in-command, the chick Carlos, plots to take the role of Easter Bunny for himself.

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I’ve managed to review exactly one Alvin & the Chipmunks movie annually and without fail since 2008, and if our local theatre is too slow getting the upcoming 3rd (4th...
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Easter movies are few and far between, what with Christmas being the big one and all, then there's the fact that Easter is never the same day year after year,...
Created by: Universal, Illumination Entertainment, Relativity Media
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Featuring the voices of:
Russell Brand ... E.B.
Hank Azaria ... Carlos, Phil
Hugh Laurie ... E.B.'s Dad
Django Marsh ... Young E.B.
Hugh M. Hefner ... Himself
Featuring live-action actors:
James Marsden ... Fred O'Hare
Kaley Cuoco ... Sam O'Hare
Gary Cole ... Henry O'Hare
Elizabeth Perkins ... Bonnie O'Hare
Tiffany Espensen ... Alex O'Hare
David Hasselhoff ... Himself
Chelsea Handler ... Mrs. Beck
Directed by: Tim Hill
Executive Producers: John Cohen
Musical Score by: Christopher Lennertz
Writing Credits: Ken Daurio, Cinco Paul and Brian Lynch
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