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Home on the Range

Maggie the show cow is forced off her farm after the dastardly cattle rustler, Alameda Slim, makes off with every last cow--except her. Her owner takes her to Little Patch of Heaven, a little farm where Pearl lives with her dairy cows, Grace and Mrs. Calloway, and her other much beloved livestock. Pearl however has her own set of troubles as the bank is about to foreclose on her farm unless she can come up with $750 in three days. Not wanting to lose yet another home, Maggie comes up with a wild scheme to collect to bounty on Alameda Slim with the help of Grace and Mrs. Calloway.

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rated it:
I was shocked, surprised and flabbergasted by the negative reviews I see on the web, I thought that Disney's final 2D animated film happens to be one of...
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rated it:
Well, after avoiding this film like the plague for three years, I can now say it's a movie that is far better than it has any right to be. First...
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rated it:
Oh boy. If this is the way Disney ends its legacy of traditional animation, then it ended with a fizzle instead of a bang. I must admit, I wanted to...
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rated it:
Not as bad as some people think,this is a very enjoyable Disney feature. The animation and backgrounds are pretty. The characters are appealing,my favorites being Maggie,Buck,Mrs.Calloway and Grace. Alameda Slim...
Created by: Disney
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Featuring the voices of:
Roseanne ... Maggie
Jennifer Tilly ... Grace
Judi Dench ... Mrs. Caloway
Cuba Gooding Jr. ... Buck the sheriff's stallion
Randy Quaid ... Alameda Slim
Charles Dennis ... Rico the bounty hunter
Carole Cook ... Pearl
Sam J. Levine ... The Willie Brothers
Steve Buscemi ... Wesley
Richard Riehle ... Sheriff Sam Brown
G.W. Bailey ... Rusty the Dog
Charles Haid ... Lucky Jack
Joe Flaherty ... Jeb the Goat
Charlie Dell ... Ollie the Pig
Marshall Efron ... Larry the Duck
Estelle Harris ... Audrey the Chicken
Lance LeGault ... Junior the Buffalo
Mark Walton ... Barry & Bob the Longhorns
Patrick Warburton ... Patrick the Horse
Dennis Weaver ... Abner
Directed by: John Sanford and Will Finn
Produced by: Alice Dewey
Musical Score by: Alan Menken and Glenn Slater

Formerly titled as "Sweating Bullets".

Disney first return to the musical since Mulan.

As of its release in 2004, it was the last 2D feature film on Disney's forseeable production schedule. All of the films to follow it were set to be 3D computer generated animated films.

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