animated series Hokey Wolf © Hanna-Barbera
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Hokey Wolf

With his faithful sidekick Ding-A-Ling by his side, expert con-artist Hokey Wolf embarks on various confidence tricks and elaborate scams to alleviate others from their food or property, whether they be farmers or characters from various fairy tales.

see also: Huckleberry Hound (TV Series) and Yogi Bear (TV Series)
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With Yogi off the show, doing his own thing, something, or someone had to replace him on Huckleberry, that someone being Hokey Wolf, Hanna-Barberaís second wolf after Loopy and likely...
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Well. it's 60's HB. Which means it's not that good, but basically what the heck other TV animation was there to compare it with at the time? They did better;...
Created by: Hanna-Barbera
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Featuring the voices of:
Daws Butler ... Hokey Wolf
Doug Young ... Ding-A-Ling Wolf
Directed by: Joseph Barbera and William Hanna
Produced by: Joseph Barbera and William Hanna
Musical Score by: Hoyt S. Curtin
profile by: starlac