short film Hedgehog in the Fog © Soyuzmultfilm Studios
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Hedgehog in the Fog

Hedgehog is on his way to visit Bear cub, to sit and count the stars, their nightly ritual. On the way however, he is distracted by the sight of a beautiful white horse in the fog, and curious about the nature of this strange world, ventures into it, becoming hopelessly lost in the process.

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Ah the wonders of Youtube. Otherwise I never would've been able to catch a gem like this. Words can't describe the artistic quality of this short. It's certainly a very...
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The hedgehog's-eye view of the world and the obscuring mystery of the fog make this short film a beautiful work of art you will hold your breath through. It...
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In an early scene, Hedgehog is stalked by an owl, which is soon distracted by its reflection in a puddle. Shortly afterwords it sees Hedgehog listening to his own echo...
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My memories of this short film, to be completely honest, are somewhat fleetingly and disconcertingly vague. So this review is partly based on memory and flashes of the short that...
Created by: Soyuzmultfilm Studios
Language: English subtitled / Russian
Country of Origin: Russia
Alternate Title: Yozhik v tumane (Russia)
[ Russian ] Featuring the voices of:
Mariya Vinogradova ... Hedgehog
Vyacheslav Nevinnyj ... Bear
Aleksei Batalov ... Narrator
Directed by: Yuri Norstein
Musical Score by: M. Meyerovich
Writing Credits: Sergei Kozlov
Animated by: Yuri Norstein
Based on: the book by Sergei Kozlov.

short film Hedgehog in the Fog © Soyuzmultfilm StudiosNorstein's crew consisted of only three people, counting himself, but Soyuzmultfilm imposed the same deadline on his film as they did for productions involving ten times as many people. When the deadline came and 'Hedgehog' was only one fifth complete, the director of the studio was enraged and sent Norstein to a Communist Party meeting to be reprimaded for disgracing the studio. One of Norstein's crew arrived early with a bottle of vodka, convinced the projectionist to screen the footage that they had made, and the committee were so impressed they agreed to let Norstein finish the film.

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