animated movie Happily N'Ever After © Vanguard Animation / Berlin Animation Film / BFC Berliner Film Companie
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Happily N'Ever After

Tired of the status quo, an unholy alliance of bad guys led by Frieda, Cinderella's evil stepmother, takes on the good guys. Cinderella (aka Ella) starts out as a damsel in distress (your typical Prince dreamer), but when her own fairy tale takes a radical left turn she is forced to form and eventually lead a resistance group without her Prince Charming.

Set against a backdrop of fractured fairy tales spinning wildly out of control, Ella and her unknown true love Rick, the palace dishwasher, ultimately must choose their own destinies in a world of happy endings gone wrong.

The race for control of the kingdom is on, and the power mad Frieda, fuelled by a total disdain for goodness, is set to change the age-old storyline to "Happily N'Ever After"! -- Coming

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rated it:
I couldn’t believe how harsh the critics were on this film. My brother saw it and said that it wasn’t as bad as it was being portrayed. ...
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rated it:
I have loved fairy tales, and even as an adult I still love them (I'm 21 years old). I was shocked and surprised by the negative reviews...
Created by: Vanguard Animation, Berlin Animation Film, BFC Berliner Film Companie
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA / Germany
Featuring the voices of:
Sigourney Weaver ... Frieda
Sarah Michelle Gellar ... Ella
Freddie Prinze Jr. ... Rick
Michael McShane ... Rumplestiltskin
Patrick Warburton ... Prince
George Carlin ... Wizard
Andy Dick ... Mambo
Wallace Shawn ... Munk
Jon Polito ... Wolf
Directed by: Paul J. Bolger
Produced by: John Williams
Executive Producers: Rainer Soehnlein
Writing Credits: Robert Moreland
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Coming "Happily N'Ever After" -- synopsis, teaser trailer
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