animated movie Happily Ever After © Filmation / Kel Air Productions
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Happily Ever After

Snow White and the Prince are journeying to the seven dwarfs cottage so that they can invite them to their wedding. Unbeknownst to them is the arrival of the wicked Queen’s brother Lord Malice, who vows revenge when he finds out that his sister was killed in her effort to kill Snow White. Although he manages in capturing the Prince, Snow White escapes into the forest and comes to the Dwarfs cottage. There she finds that the dwarfs have left their cottage to their cousins the seven, dwarfelles, who are under the apprenticeship of Mother Nature. Together with the dwarfelles, Snow White braves Malice’s kingdom, The Realm of Doom, to find and rescue her beloved Prince.

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rated it:
um to be totally honest, but for some specific reason i did not find this film quite bad. though i wanted to know if it was a sequel to the...
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rated it:
It's been years since I last saw this movie. I remember as a kid I enjoyed it, but ha after re-watching some of the things I enjoyed back then...
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rated it:
Well, despite the horrid rep this film has gotten, I will admit that I rather enjoyed it. Yes, it was no Disney sequel (Gawd, it wasn't even made by Disney,...
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rated it:
I have an Aunt Sharon, and she had this film on VHS, and I would watched it every time I visit her; and after that it has...
Created by: Filmation, Kel Air Productions
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Alternate Titles: Snow White and the Realm of Doom (USA), Snow White and the Seven Dwarfelles, Snow White in the Land of Doom, Snow White: The Adventure Continues
Featuring the voices of:
Edward Asner ... Scowl the Owl
Irene Cara ... Snow White
Carol Channing ... Muddy
Dom DeLuise ... The Looking Glass
Phyllis Diller ... Mother Nature
Zsa Zsa Gabor ... Blossom
Linda Gary ... Critterina, Marina
Jonathan Harris ... Sunflower
Michael Horton ... The Prince
Sally Kellerman ... Sunburn
Malcolm McDowell ... Lord Malice
Tracey Ullman ... Thunderella, Moonbeam
Frank Welker ... Batso
Directed by: John Howley
Produced by: Lou Scheimer
Musical Score by: Frank Becker
Writing Credits: Robby London and Martha Moran
Based on: The fairy story.

Filmation’s last production of any kind, after the film was finished the doors of the studio shut forever. Although finished in time for its 1989 closing, the film would not be released to cinema until 1993. The film, like its predecessor Pinocchio and the Emperor of the Night, bombed spectacularly at the box office, making just $3.3 million gross at a cost of $8 million. The film flopping was probably not helped by the fact that Disney decided to re-reissue their version of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs that same summer.

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