animated cartoon Half Baked Alaska © Walter Lantz Productions
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Half Baked Alaska

Freezing and with his shoe shining service going nowhere, Chilly Willy goes to Smedley’s hotcake restaurant but is soon thrown out when Smedley realizes the penguin has no money to pay. Heeding Smedley’s advice to get a job and earn some money, Chilly tries various employment endeavors, from piano playing, to working as a barber, to assistant blacksmith. After every job he tries falls through, Chilly goes back to Smedley’s to try getting some food with sleight-of-hand.

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One of the best Chilly Willy cartoons not done by Tex Avery, which is to said that it’s one of the best Chilly Willy cartoons in general and that the...
Created by: Walter Lantz Productions
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Featuring the voices of:
Daws Butler ... Chilly Willy, Smedley
Directed by: Sid Marcus
Produced by: Walter Lantz
Musical Score by: Walter Greene
Writing Credits: Cal Howard
Animated by: Arthur Davis and Ray Abrams
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