animated movie Gumby: the Movie © Premavision / Arrow
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Gumby: the Movie

Nearly 40 years since his black and white TV debut, Gumby finally scores his own feature film, and Art Clokey is still at the helm. Based on the 1980's incarnation of the series, Gumby puts together a (new) rock band (The Clayboys) to help some farmers buy back their properties from The Blockheads. Most of your favourite characters are here, as well as a dog that cries pearls, robots, clones, light-saber fights and assorted other strangeness.

see also: Gumby Adventures (TV Series) and The Gumby Show (TV Series)
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This is quite a good movie. I've watched it every now and then since I was very little and always been amused by the engaging, creative story and music. Gumby's...
Created by: Premavision, Arrow
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Featuring the voices of:
Charles Farrington ... Gumby, Claybert, Fatbuckle
Art Clokey ... Pokey, Prickle, Gumbo
Gloria Clokey ... Goo
Bonnie Rudolph ... Lowbelly, Farm Lady
Manny La Carruba ... Thinbuckle
Alice Young ... Ginger
Janet McDuff ... Gumba
Patti Morse ... Tara
Directed by: Art Clokey
Produced by: Art Clokey and Gloria Clokey
Musical Score by: David Ozzie Ahlers
Songs by: Marco D'Ambrosio and Jerry Gerber
Writing Credits: Art Clokey and Gloria Clokey
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