short film Gone Nutty © Blue Sky
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Gone Nutty

Scrat the prehistoric squirrel from Ice Age continues his epic acorn quest. In this short, after at last collecting all his nuts together, his efforts to stamp done one wayward acorn turns into an avalanche of trouble as they plummet out of his tree.

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rated it:
Excellent! Gone Nutty is a great short film for kids and adults! It is crazy funny, wow! It's not loud funny! It is silly and crazy and funny. Two thumbs...
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rated it:
A nice short film which proves that Scrat is better off on short films rather than interrupting a feature without purpose. Kinda reminded me of the old WB Bugs Bunny...
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rated it:
This short is nothing short of hilarious. I love all the squirrel's antics of trying to get his acorn back, but he never can. You can't help but...
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rated it:
The animation wasn't bad, I must say it was pretty well done, but I found it boring. The humor was the wacky squirrel who risked his life for a nut. True,...
Created by: Blue Sky
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Alternate Title: Scrat's Missing Adventure
Featuring the voices of:
Chris Wedge ... Scrat
Directed by: Carlos Saldanha
Produced by: John C. Donkin, Chris Kuwata, Deanna Pizzuti, Leslie Schor-Bresnahan , Irka B. Seng-Bloom and Michael J. Travers
Executive Producers: Chris Wedge and Christopher Meledandri
Musical Score by: Michael A. Levine
Writing Credits: William H. Frake III, Dan Shefelman and Moroni

Was released on DVD alongside Ice Age.

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AWN's Oscar 2004 Showcase: Gone Nutty -- view a clip of the short online
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