animated series God, the Devil and Bob © Carsey-Werner Company / Fil Cartoons Inc. / Vanity Logo Productions
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God, the Devil and Bob

God decides to invite the Devil to select a random human; if they can find no redeemable good in him then God will destroy the world. As they just happen to be in a bar at the time, the Devil chooses Bob Allman, a car-factory worker who is relaxing over a few beers. Thus the fate of the world rests upon the shoulders of one 'regular guy' who has plenty enough trouble keeping his own life on track. Although no one else can see the two supernatural beings, God and the Devil manifest themselves to Bob in human guise, to check on his progress, and, in the Devil's case, tempt him into some wrongdoing. -- from the BBC's website

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I think the only truly shocking thing about this series is how tame it is. With the show's title and surrounding controversy, I was expecting it to have some edge,...
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God, wearing his characteristic shades and sky blue T-shirt, holds the world in his hands. "Hi. God here", he says. "I was all set to destroy the world when I...
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Odd to think that this was banned in the US, as I didn't really see anything particularly offensive about it. Compared with the in-your-face religious satire of South Park,...
Created by: Carsey-Werner Company, Fil Cartoons Inc., Vanity Logo Productions
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Featuring the voices of:
Alan Cumming ... The Devil
James Garner ... God
French Stewart ... Bob Allman
Laurie Metcalf ... Donna Allman
Kath Soucie ... Andy Allman
Nancy Cartwright ... Megan Allman
Directed by: Jeff DeGrandis, Dan Fausett, Sherie Pollack, Steve Ressel, Swinton O. Scott III and Alex Reid
Produced by: Margot Pipkin
Executive Producers: Matthew Carlson, Marcy Carsey, Caryn Mandabach and Harvey Myman
Musical Score by: Sean Murray
Writing Credits: Matthew Carlson, Gary Murphy and Neil Thompson

Because of low ratings, theme and use/depiction of biblical characters, (God is shown as a beer-guzzling, grizzled ex-hippie) the show was considered blasphemous in the USA and was cancelled after just four episodes. The BBC, which had had enormous success with Andy Hamilton’s Hell-based “Old Harry’s Game” radio series, showed the series in it entirely.

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