flash animation Go! Go! Moba Boy! © Cartoon Monsoon
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Go! Go! Moba Boy!

Motoro Ishi may look like an ordinary kid, but thanks to the power of his celestial cell phones he can turn into the cyborg superhero Go! Go! Moba Boy. And when electronics magnate Heinrich Strack creates an army of evil household appliances, the fate of the world rests on the young hero's shoulders.

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Go Go Moba Boy is so original and it has very creative story arcs. Unfortunately, there was no revival for this 2003 one-shot series. It was way ahead of its...
Created by: Cartoon Monsoon
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Featuring the voices of:
Matt Danner ... Go! Go! Moba Boy
Jeff Wallace ... Heinrich Strack
Jessica Fletcher ... Roxinaou
Eric Pringle ... Ducky
Grey DeLisle ... Moba Boy's mother
Derrick Wyatt ... Moba Boy's father
Series Created by: Matt Danner and Eric Pringle
Directed by: Matt Danner
Produced by: Aardon Simpson
Writing Credits: Brandon Auman

Out of all the web animations comprising Cartoon Monsoon's first season, 'Go! Go! Moba Boy!' was voted the best.

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