animated series Ghostbusters © Filmation
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Jake Kong Jr. and Eddie Spenser Jr., the sons of the original Ghostbusters, along with Tracy the Gorilla; protect Earth from ghosts with their dematerializer, which temporarily sends spirits to another dimension. Helping them in their efforts is their faithful car Ghost-Buggy, bat-mutant and mascot Belfry, reporter Jessica and Futura, girl of the future. Leading the ghostly forces, is their malevolent overlord, Prime Evil.

see also: The Real Ghostbusters (TV Series)
Created by: Filmation
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Alternate Title: Filmation's Ghostbusters
Featuring the voices of:
Pat Fraley ... Jake Kong
Peter Cullen ... Eddie Spencer
Lou Scheimer ... Tracy
Susan Blu ... Belfrey, Jessica, Futura
Alan Oppenheimer ... Prime Evil
Linda Gary ... Mysteria
Larry Storch ... Eddie's Dad
Forrest Tucker ... Jake's Dad
Produced by: Lou Scheimer
Writing Credits: Brooks Wachtel, Don Heckman and Len Riley
Based on: Ghostbuster 1970

animated series Ghostbusters © FilmationThis Ghostbusters was based on a live-action comedy series made in 1975 (also by Filmation). This predates the famous Columbia film of the same name. The rights for the name resulted in legal battles between the two companies, with them finally settling out of court and allowing each other to use the name. Seeing a chance to capitalize on the film’s commercial success, Filmation decided to renew the show as an animated series. When Columbia commissioned DIC to create an animated series based on their hit film they included ‘The Real’ prefix in the title, partly to distinguish and separate it from Filmation’s series (in TV listings, etc), though it is also seen to be a snub against Filmation.

This series main characters Jake and Eddie, are meant to be the offspring of the live-action Ghostbusters.

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