flash animation Geoweasel © Niko Anestimations / MindMush / Cartoons Dammit
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Geoweasel is an organisation started by the Big Weas to help him take over the world. It consists of himself, the dim-witted Jimbob, the video game enthusiast Nar and his diminutive younger brother Mitri. The Big Weas' minions are, unfortunately, too incompetent to help him take over the world.

Created by: Niko Anestimations, MindMush, Cartoons Dammit
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Featuring the voices of:
Niko Anesti ... Weas, Nar, Jimbob, Mitri, Sapphire, Bill Cosby
Cassandra Mateiko ... Cass
Nick Tiner ... additional voices
Ed Atlin ... additional voices
Andrew Kauervane ... additional voices
Dimitri Anesti ... additional voices
Featuring guest appearances by:
Brian Bear ... Garadrobe
Series Created by: Niko Anesti
Directed by: Niko Anesti
Writing Credits: Niko Anesti
Animated by: Niko Anesti
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