holiday animation Garfield in Disguise © Film Roman / United Media Productions
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Garfield in Disguise

Despite being awakened by Blinky the Clown’s loud kids show, Garfield is happy to find that it’s Halloween, which he plans to take advantage of. Thinking he’ll get more candy, the cat tricks Odie into helping him, dressing the dog and himself up as a pair of pirates. The trick-or-treating goes well, but Garfield wants more and goes on a boat across a river, winding up in a haunted house.

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This is another Halloween TV Special I love and it's my favorite Garfield holiday special. Garfield's Halloween is also the first Garfield holiday special too. Well the story starts with...
Created by: Film Roman, United Media Productions
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Alternate Title: Garfield's Halloween Adventure
Featuring the voices of:
Lorenzo Music ... Garfield
Thom Huge ... Jon Arbuckle, Binky the Clown
Gregg Berger ... Odie, TV Announcer
C. Lindsay Workman ... Old Man
Directed by: Phil Roman
Produced by: Phil Roman
Executive Producers: Jay Poynor
Musical Score by: Ed Bogas and Desirée Goyette
Writing Credits: Jim Davis
Based on: Characters created by Jim Davis.

The Fourth Garfield Special, and the first appearance of Garfield stable Blinky the Clown. The special was re-titled "Garfield's Halloween Adventure" on its subsequent reruns.

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