animated movie G.I. Joe: The Movie © Marvel / Sunbow Productions / Toei Animation
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G.I. Joe: The Movie

"Time and time again, Cobra has been on the threshhold of global domination, only to be thwarted by the Joes. Now the ruthless terrorist organization has a new ally, the Cobra-La race, led by Golobulus. Golobulus wants to steal the Joes' 'Broadcast Energy Transmitter' in order to ripen space spores and mutate the people of Earth. When Duke is injured and the rest of the force immobilized, it's up to the new 'rawhides' and Slaughter's Marauders to pick up the slack and save the world." -- from Internet Movie Database website

Created by: Marvel, Sunbow Productions, Toei Animation
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Featuring the voices of:
Michael Bell ... Duke, Blowtorch, Lift Ticket, Xamot of the Crimson Guard
Chris Latta ... Cobra Commander, Gung Ho, Ripper
Charles Adler ... Low Light
Shűko Akune ... Jinx
Gregg Berger ... Moonviper
Jack Angel ... Wetsuit
Earl Boen ... Taurus
Arthur Burghardt ... Destro, Iceberg
Corey Burton ... Tomax of the Crimson Guard
William Callaway ... Beach-Head
Peter Cullen ... Zandar of Dreadnok, Nemesis Enforcer
Brian Cummings ... Dr. Mindbender
Jennifer Darling ... Pythona of Cobra LA
Laurie Faso ... Tunnel Rat
Dick Gautier ... Serpentor
Ed Gilbert ... General Hawk
John Hostetter ... Bazooka
Don Johnson ... Lt. Falcon
Morgan Lofting ... Baroness
Mary McDonald-Lewis ... Lady Jaye
Burgess Meredith ... Golobulus of Cobra LA
Ron Ortiz ... Law
Rob Paulsen ... Snowjob
Poncie Ponce ... Red Dog
Lisa Raggio ... Zarana of Dreadnok
Neil Ross ... Shipwreck
Brad Sanders ... Big Lob
Sgt. Slaughter ... Sgt. Slaughter
Chris Taboni ... Mercer
Vernee Watson-Johnson ... Scientist
Frank Welker ... Torch, Order
Musical Score by: Robert J. Walsh
Writing Credits: Ron Friedman
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