animated movie Fun and Fancy Free © Disney
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Fun and Fancy Free

Jiminy Cricket and a live-action cast tell two tales…

The first concerns Bongo the bear, who escapes from his cruel circus owners into the wild. Unfortunately the young bear finds the outside world a scary place and starts to wonder over his decision. Until he sees the lovely Lulubelle and falls in love. However, having never learnt the etiquette of his kind, he feels utterly rejected when she slaps him, which to a bear, is a show of affection.

The narrative then tells of a once beautiful land, laid to ruin after the magic singing harp that kept it alive was stolen by a giant. Three poor, desolate farmers: Mickey, Goofy and Donald, are forced to sell their cow for ‘magic beans.’ After the night has passed, they find themselves at the top of a immense beanstalk, in the giant’s kingdom.

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a fun and great movie that also has a good moral. wow. oh yeah. good. very good. my ratings six stars. oh my. oh boy. oh yes. oh right. wow....
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When watching this film, I got the impression that it was originally supposed to be two separate movies, but they were spliced together during production. Turns out that’s pretty...
Created by: Disney
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Featuring the voices of:
Cliff Edwards ... Jiminy Cricket
James MacDonald ... Mickey Mouse
Clarence Nash ... Donald Duck
Pinto Colvig ... Goofy
Billy Gilbert ... Willie the Giant
Anita Gordon ... The Magic Harp
Walt Disney ... Mickey Mouse
Paul Frees ... Ludwig Von Drake (1963 (TV version))
Featuring live-action actors:
Edgar Bergen ... Himself, Charlie McCarthy (voice), Mortimer Snerd (voice)
Luana Patten ... Herself
Dinah Shore ... Herself
Directed by: Bill Roberts
Produced by: Walt Disney
Songs by: Ned Washington, Leigh Harline, Bennie Benjamin, Arthur Quenzer, William Walsh, Buddy Kaye, Ray Noble and Bobby Worth
Writing Credits: Ted Sears, Tom Oreb, Homer Brightman, Harry Reeves, Eldon Dedini and Lance Nolley
Based on: A short story appearing in the Reader's Digest (Bongo) and Jack and the Beanstalk.

animated movie Fun and Fancy Free © DisneyAccording to some sources, this film marked the last time Walt Disney’s provided the voice for Mickey in a feature length film. Disney does contribute a few lines of dialog, but had ultimately been replaced at this point by James MacDonald, who would continue doing the voice until Wayne Allwine took over the role in 1977. Disney would, however, continue to voice the mouse for the introductions to the television series "The Mickey Mouse Club" in the Fifties.

The two shorts that comprise the majority of the film’s running time have both been released as separated entities from each other…

For the “Mickey and the Beanstalk” segment. One version was re-dubbed over by Disney’s popular edutainment character, Ludwig Von Drake (voiced by Paul Frees). In another version, the narration was done Sterling Holloway.

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