animated cartoon Fuddy Duddy Buddy © UPA
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Fuddy Duddy Buddy

While staying at a hotel, Magoo meets ups and tries to convince his friend Bottomley to start a game of tennis. Bottomley notes that he would rather not play, but Magoo gets distracted as he hits the ball into a large bird in the hotel's zoo. After apologising to the bird - under the impression that the bird was another visitor - Magoo comes back and mistakes a walrus for Bottomley. Magoo takes his "friend" to play tennis, followed by a hotel detective who tries to re-capture the animal.

Created by: UPA
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Featuring the voices of:
Jim Backus ... Mr. Magoo
Directed by: John Hubley
Produced by: John Hubley
Executive Producers: Stephen Bosustow
Musical Score by: William Lava
Writing Credits: Bill Scott and Phil Eastman
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Theatrical Collection (1949-1959)
profile by: starlac