holiday animation Frosty the Snowman © Rankin-Bass
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Frosty the Snowman

A discarded magician's hat brings Frosty, the children's snowman, to life. He's a jolly, fun fellow with a heart of gold but between the rising temperature and the magician who wants his hat back he may not be around too long. It's up to the children and a runaway rabbit to get Frosty to the North Pole before he melts away...

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"a terrific story!" magical" "it's a fun Christmas tale..." "fast-paced for kids" very good. very very good. my ratings 4 stars! good. very good. very very very good. good. awesome....
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What can I say about Frosty? He's a magical snowman who comes to life! How much better can it get, really? The animation was pretty limited and I enjoyed watching various...
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I'm surprised no one has reviewed this special yet! Frosty the Snowman is based on the song of the same name about the magical snowy creation made by a group of...
Created by: Rankin-Bass
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Featuring the voices of:
Jimmy Durante ... Narrator
Jackie Vernon ... Frosty the Snowman
Billy DeWolfe ... The Magician
Paul Frees ... Santa, Traffic Cop
June Foray ... Teacher, Karen
Directed by: Arthur Rankin Jr. and Jules Bass
Produced by: Arthur Rankin Jr. and Jules Bass
Writing Credits: Romeo Muller
Based on: the story by Steve Nelson and Jack Rollins
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